Huckabee Commuted Sentence of Suspected Washington Cop Killer

If Mike Huckabee was a 2012 presidential hopeful, the fact that he granted clemency to an apparently career criminal who is now suspected of murdering four police officers in Washington yesterday morning might have put an end to that.

A statement on Huckabee’s website explains:

He was recommended for and received a commutation of his original sentence from 1990, this commutation made him parole eligible and he was then paroled by the parole board once they determined he met the conditions at that time. He was arrested later for parole violation and taken back to prison to serve his full term, but prosecutors dropped the charges that would have held him.

There is now a standoff in Seattle with the suspect cornered. Keep the officers and their families in your prayers.

Michelle Malkin has lots more info here.

Don’t forget, this is the same “criminal justice system” through which the Obama administration wants to process Khalid Sheikh Mohammed & Company.

Author: Doug Powers

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