Saddam Channel Goes Off Air in Iraq

Maybe CNN could find time for this in one of their overnight slots — unless they think it’s too conservative:

A mysterious TV channel praising Saddam Hussein has dropped off the airwaves just three days after it first began broadcasting.

The chairman of the so-called Saddam Channel told The Associated Press it will return by the weekend, after a technology upgrade to make the broadcast stronger.
Iraqi government officials have said they suspect the channel was run by Baathists whose political party Saddam once led.

Until the Saddam Channel returns, the more hard-line Iraqi television viewers will miss the programs they grew to love on the station: “Hangin’ With Mr. Hussein”; “What About Baghdad Bob?”; “Udays of Our Lives”; “Everybody Loves Tariq”; “Kate & Chemical Ali”; “CSI: Tikrit” and “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.”

Author: Doug Powers

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