The annual White House tradition of pardoning a turkey took place at the White House today, with President Obama pardoning two birds: Courage and Carolina: Fox News reports that the pardoned birds will now fly to California, and Courage will serve as honorary grand marshal for Disney’s “Thanksgiving for Giving Day” Parade, while Carolina will […]

When President Obama goes overseas, he bows to almost every leader he can find, so is it too much to ask that somebody return the favor over here? Obama seems to be trying to elicit one with this condescending doozy: Obama and First Lady Michelle personally received Singh, the first State Guest of the 10-month-old […]

As far as environmentalists go, I’ve always liked Ed Begley, Jr., but only for the reason that he’s not a private jet flying, mansion owning, giant pool heating hypocrite like Al Gore. From everything I read and see, Ed walks the recycled, solar powered walk — but in this exchange with Stuart Varney, Begley comes […]

Meanwhile, in Bizarro World… As Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and a few of his murderous pals await civil trial in New York City, and subsequently their chance to bash the U.S. in open court, some of Americas bravest face being tried in a military court for giving a terrorist a… fat lip: Navy SEALs have secretly […]

Here’s what Barack Obama said on March 3, 2009 when outlining how his administration would maintain integrity in the stimulus payout process: “To you, he’s Mr. Vice President,” President Obama said at the Department of Transportation this morning. “But around the White House we call him ‘The Sheriff’ because if you’re misusing taxpayer money, you’ll […]

Hey Katie, is America’s most unbiased reporter willing to do a dance for Obamacare? I thought so. Katie Couric dedicated her “notebook” segment to a nice little push for Obamacare — in poem form. My only regret is that nobody hacked into Katie’s teleprompter and inserted that “Here I sit all broken hearted…” poem instead, […]

Who’s really bad for the environment? Al Gore, anti-CO2 environmentalist, carbon credit salesman, savior of Mother Earth and carbon neutral being of light: Nancy Pelosi, Cap & Trade supporter, hybrid facelift proponent, anti-oil drilling environmentalist and clean air activist: Sarah Palin, pro-oil drilling, nature destroying, engine revving, air polluting, animal killing environmental catastrophe on heels: […]

A horror movie sure to scare liberals out of their Birkenstocks:

You have to wonder, given the continual plunge in approval for Obamacare, how Harry Reid can continue to get his 60 votes. Eventually he might even run out of money — our money — that he’s using to bribe people with, but probably not soon enough. From Rasmussen Reports: Just 38% of voters now favor […]

Al Gore is on Apple’s Board, so the fact that the company might be in a fright because smokers are exposing their laptops to second-hand smoke that is contributing to “climate change” wouldn’t be surprising. But the reason it’s claimed Apple is voiding warranties on computers that have been exposed to smoke is priceless in […]

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