Another year is almost behind us, and soon I’ll be donning a lampshade and getting annoyed by Ryan Seacrest in Times Square introducing bands I’ve never heard of, but I wanted to wish you all a prosperous 2010! I’ve got some changes planned here that hopefully will get kicked off very early in 2010, and […]

On Larry King’s show, Ron Paul acted like a housewife with a black eye defending her abusive husband by claiming it wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t burned his dinner. “We need to figure out how to cook better” is also Paul’s insane solution to terrorists who seek to do far more than blacken our […]

You’d think your average member of the mainstream media would become a little more “hawkish” when it comes to eliminating terror threats (maybe it would get more positive airplay if we started calling it “The war on the people who are killing journalists”) after they read news like this: (AP) This year has been one […]

Here’s hoping everything’s okay, but I’ll go ahead and throw in the obligatory MSM headline nonetheless: Limbaugh hospitalized: Women and minorities hardest hit: HONOLULU — Conservative radio talk host Rush Limbaugh was rushed to a Honolulu hospital on Wednesday afternoon with chest pains, sources told KITV. Paramedics responded to the call at 2:41 p.m. at […]

According to a Gallup poll of Americans, Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman — with a full 16% of respondents most admiring a woman who remains in a marriage of political convenience to a man who goes around banging everything that moves except her. Most interesting is that First Ladies usually finish first or […]

Eye jsut disspached the folowwing leter to Joyy Bayhar from teh proggrm Teh Veiw, hoo sugessted thet Sarra Pallin phans are iliterratte: Miz Bayhar, I am relly rezenting you’re sayyng thet peepel hoo lyke Sarra Pallin ar stoopid an do’nt reed good. your an asswhole in mi oppinyun Hoo ar yoo too judg hoo iz […]

And in other fiscal responsibility and transparency in the age of Hope and Change news… the FAA just spent $5 million on a three-week-long Christmas party: A series of seminars in Atlanta officially were aimed at training managers on a new air-traffic-controller contract but degenerated into one big bash. According to ABC News, the seminars […]

Politico has something that would have been widely mocked had Bush been the one doing it, so in the spirit of bipartisanship, it’s only fair to report this: TEEING OFF: A half-hour after President Obama vowed to catch the terrorists behind a plot to blow up a plane on Christmas, he arrived at 10:40 a.m. […]

Because the Obamas weren’t getting quite enough media coverage, they’ve decided to also take over the Food Network: First Lady Michelle Obama has challenged Iron chefs Mario Batali and Emeril Lagasse to a Super Chef Battle at the White House. The Iron Chef stars will be pitted against White House executive chef Cristeta Comerford, and […]

ABC News has the first photo of the undiebomber’s shorts that didn’t fully ignite on the Northwest flight bound for Detroit on Christmas day: Discerning terrrorists this winter are wearing thong instead of boxer style. Hopefully enough of that detonated to blow that guy’s junk to allahbits, but I doubt it. Because of this, all […]

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