NFL Joins Forces With United We Serve: PSA Stars Obama, Of Course

nullLeave it to Obama & Company to assist the NFL in creating a PSA for kids that mostly features Obama picking off a pass in slo-mo with such ease that I’m surprised it wasn’t thrown by one of the Detroit Lions.

No wonder Rush Limbaugh wasn’t welcome into the NFL ownership family — they’re in bed with United We Serve. Rush never had a chance.

Oddly enough, the website we’re encouraged to go to at the end of the PSA is called I think they’re just trying to rub it in.

In recognition of this partnership, my sources tell me the NFL will announce that this coming Sunday, all NFL quarterback cadences must be as follows: “Barack Hussein Obama… Mmm Mmm HUT!”

The best ending for this spot would have been for Michaele and Tareq Salahi to run in out of nowhere and intercept Obama’s lateral, but Serve.Gov and the NFL obviously have zero sense of humor:

John Kerry once tried shooting a similar PSA, but it didn’t go as well so they scrapped the idea:


(h/t Ace)

Author: Doug Powers

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