Palin Featured in Children’s Political Book, But What’s In Her Purse?

First there was Red Sarah, the comic book action hero, and now there’s Governor Sarah, economics instructor for kids:

While Sarah Palin is certainly making waves with her own best-selling book “Going Rogue,” the former governor and vice presidential candidate is also in the spotlight with a cameo appearance as a heroine in the recently released children’s book “Help! Mom! Radicals Are Ruining My Country!”

In the book written by Katharine DeBrecht, “Governor Sarah” (a character based on Palin) attempts to help two young boys hold onto their dream of a swing-set business which is struggling as a result of high taxes, heavy regulations and 246 czars.

“I am trying to let all Americans know that these radicals are killing the American Dream and I want to stop them from hurting people that produce products and provide jobs,” the Palin character consoles the frustrated boys after their business is destroyed by “Marxus Obunduf” who is based on President Obama.

Marxus Obunduf? I’ll give the author points for not pulling any punches. Too bad Van Jones is gone from the White House (officially), because the name the author could have been used to tie him to radical leftism is… Van Jones.

Here’s one of the illustrations — is that supposed to be lipstick in Sarah’s purse, or did she accidentally pick up Eva Longoria’s handbag?


The book also mocks Barney Frank, so it must be a good read. Barney hasn’t worked up a sweat like this since he hosted the Chippendales dancer tryouts in his basement.

Author: Doug Powers

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