Gore Cancels Climate Summit Lecture, Finally Does Something Positive for the Environment

nullAl Gore may be feeling a bit faint due to recent events, because he’s cancelled his planned lecture at the “climate summit” this month, and money will be refunded for the 3,000 tickets that were sold.

Why did Al cancel? Maybe the thought of watching billions of dollars potentially go up in an environmentally-friendly smoke has him too depressed to fire up the private jet. If Gore doesn’t travel to Copenhagen at all, cancelling his pro-environment speech would be the best thing he’s done for the environment in a long time.

Jon Stewart touched on what’s probably given Gore the blues to the point that he’s decided to skip the lecture: “Poor Al Gore… global warming completely debunked by the very Internet you invented.”

President Obama can cover for Gore if need be, as it’s being reported that he’ll travel from the airport to the climate summit in a limo powered by algae diesel or electricity. Uh huh… anybody believe that? I also hear they’ve also rigged Air Force One to run on nothing but skim milk and David Axelrod’s mustache trimmings.

Author: Doug Powers

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