The Ecstasy of Hope

When the natural ecstasy of Hope & Change wears off, an artificial replacement becomes necessary:

There is now a line of Ecstasy pills made in the image of the 44th president of the United States, according to Texas police who have snatched a batch off the streets.

Here’s what they look like — if nobody would have mentioned it, I would have assumed this was supposed to be Bill Cosby in a skull cap:


Call an ambulance if you think somebody has ingested these pills.

Symptoms of an overdose of Obama Ecstasy include a compulsive urge to bow to foreigners, inability to speak without a teleprompter, grandiose delusions of abilities to run auto companies and banks, frequent leg thrills, and referring to living off money borrowed from future generations as a “job.”

Update: Not to be outdone, here’s the Obama LSD blotter.

Author: Doug Powers

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