Clintons Welcome Another Crook Into the Fold

Good lord, the Clintons can’t even host a wedding without being surrounded by crooks.

A glance at the Clinton Convict List (not updated since the late 90’s so there are more to add to the list — Norman Hsu is just one) shows an impressive string of crooks and scumbags, but now one is about to become a member of the family by marriage:

If Ed Mezvinsky, the disgraced father of Chelsea Clinton’s newly-announced fiancé Marc Mezvinsky, attends his own son’s wedding, he might want to consider ducking out before the reception. Mezvinsky was convicted in 2002 of bilking his associates, friends and family members — even his own late mother-in-law — out of millions of dollars. Despite being released in April 2008 after serving five years in prison, Mezvinsky remains on federal probation and still owes almost $9.4 million in restitution to his victims.

Duck out before the reception? And miss a huge networking opportunity like that? Unlikely.

Hopefully they don’t let Bill choose the “something blue” for the wedding — ya never know. Bill’s just hoping Hillary doesn’t find out that Belinda Stronach is one of the bridesmaids.

Author: Doug Powers

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