Al Gore Channels Baghdad Bob, Ah-Nuld Plays With Maps

Eco hypocrite and life-long non-scientist Al Gore continues to ratchet up the rhetoric to unseen levels — even for him.

Now that the scam has been further exposed and Gore faces losing millions if not billions (fortunately for him the network news anchors are in cahoots), he’s turning into an environmentalist version of Baghdad Bob:

“The naysayers are in a sunset phase with a spectacular climax just before they subside from view. This is a race between common sense and unreality.”

Sorry Al — it’s a race between the truth and an insane lust for power & money. This kind of talk is what we can expect as the number of people who believe that the climate change threat either doesn’t exist or is being wildly exaggerated increases.

Every day Gore sounds more and more like Baghdad Bob saying that the American forces are being chased from Iraq forever. And you remember what happened to Baghdad Bob (actually I think he’s with MSNBC now).

Fortunately for Gore, he has either witting or unwitting accomplices like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who pulled out a map of San Francisco to demonstrate what the city will look like under water, which had Joyanna Adams imagining Lex Luthor accusing Arnold of stealing his plan.

Last week, Arnold decided to try to convince everybody that, if global warming continues unchecked for another 100 years, San Francisco’s Treasure Island will be completely covered in a giant hand:


Arnold also said that the San Francisco airport would be under water — so on the upside, there will be little change in the length of flight delays.

The world has been changing for millions of years, so I don’t doubt more changes are on the way, but unless Arnold’s willing to attribute continental drift and tectonic plate shifts to hair spray, auto fumes, livestock and industrial emissions millions of years ago, I’m not going to assume that any coming changes are caused by human activity.

Desperate times lead to desperate maps.

Author: Doug Powers

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