If your tomatoes are going to go rogue, make sure they don’t hit the police:

Bloomington police arrested a man for throwing two tomatoes at Sarah Palin at Mall of America Monday afternoon.

Jeremy Paul Olson, 33, was arrested for fourth degree assault and disorderly conduct.

Palin was never aware of the incident.
The tomatoes missed Palin by about ten feet. They bounced off the stage and hit two Bloomington police officers who were providing security.

It’s almost too bad Palin didn’t know this happened, or we might have found out if Sarah’s packin’.

Here’s local news coverage of the gardeny knoll tomato-thrower with bad aim:

Update: Gee, who do you think CBS News was rooting for? Here’s the actual title of a story about this: Sarah Palin almost gets tomato in face, but Jeremy Olsen has terrible aim


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