Huckabee Does Comedy Central on Same Day of Cops’ Funerals

It’s well-known that Mike Huckabee commuted the sentence of Maurice Clemmons, the man who murdered four police officers in Washington last month.

Huckabee has explained himself on several occasions — he’s even said that given the same set of facts, he’d commute the sentence all over again — but what he’ll never be able to properly explain is how he could have appeared on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show to hawk his book on the same day as the officers funerals.

This seems to be an inappropriate, uncompassionate thing to do given what day it was — not to mention politically stupid for somebody who might run for president again. He had to know what day it was, didn’t he?

If he keeps this up, Mike Huckabee’s biggest opponent when it comes to the 2012 GOP nomination will be… Mike Huckabee:

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Meanwhile, in Washington:


Author: Doug Powers

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