Welcome to Obamaville: Land of a Thousand Panhandlers

During the depression, people referred to homeless camps as “Hoovervilles.”

Colorado now has it’s own modern-day version — “Obamaville”:

nullSomeone has put a lot of thought into a welcome sign that may surprise you, it’s in front of a homeless camp off I-25 in Colorado Springs.

Its message, “Welcome to Obamaville, Colorado’s fastest growing community.” Despite repeated calls no one could answer the question, who put up the sign?

To some homeless the sign’s message says enough. Mark Limonez, a homeless man living in “tent city”, says the sign doesn’t make him feel good about trying to get back on his feet. “Guys are trying to work but there’s not enough work out there, so they go pan handling or flag a sign” Limonez says, “I’ve never seen so many camps since I’ve been out in the streets – there’s no money.”

There are no logos on the front of the sign and no clues to where it comes from.

How much stimulus can one country handle? Oh well… schools are being named for Obama, so it’s about time he got a town, too.

As far as where the sign comes from, I have no idea, but a wider view of the Obamaville sign offers a clue as to one of the sponsors of the homeless camp:


Update: The “Obamaville” sign is explained a bit here. It’s also been taken down, unsurprisingly.

The part of the story where a couple of letters are highlighted saying that they wished the person who spent money on the Obamaville sign had instead spent the same money on the cause of the homeless is interesting. If only more people would have the same opinion about the millions of dollars that are spent on “stimulus” signs.

Author: Doug Powers

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