Obama Says Insulation is Sexy; Senator’s Caulk Gets Hard

Accompanied by some US Senators, President Obama spoke at a Home Depot today in northern Virginia (I wonder if it’s the one Biden hangs out in all the time) and said that insulation is “sexy.” That must explain why I feel the urge to put on some Barry White whenever I’m driving past the Owens Corning plant.

At least now we know where the prez’s next “date night” is going to be — aisle 8 at Home Depot.

The most amazing thing about Obama’s speech about conserving energy in the home was when he said “If you saw $20 dollar bills floating out your window, you’d insulate better.” Is saving money that easy? Can we just wrap our paychecks in insulation to keep the cash from floating away? That would be sexy — but unfortunately it only seems to work for homes:

When it comes to home improvement advice from presidents, I’m inclined to listen to Obama, because he seems to know his way around the house better than his predecessors:


Author: Doug Powers

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