New Evidence of Global Warming: ‘My Skis Told Me’


Hey, Ed Perry’s “evidence” is just as solid as anything Gore has ever presented:

Like most people, Ed Perry can’t feel the climate warming, but he has noticed one detail over the years that tells him it’s happening – he’s had to switch to unwaxed cross-country skis.

“My skis recognize that climate change is happening,” said Perry, an outreach coordinator with the National Wildlife Federation’s Global Warming Campaign. “We are creatures of catastrophe. We wait until things are in dire straits. And if we wait until we are in dire straits on this one, it will be too late.”

Perry was the first to speak among a panel of outdoor recreation officials and industry members he gathered to Wilkes University on Friday to discuss the impact of climate change on Pennsylvania’s outdoor options.

Well, if Debbie Stabenow’s big ol’ ass can sense global warming, I don’t doubt Perry’s skis can. If he wants to ski, he should go to Copenhagen right now… there’s lots of snow at the global warming conference! (God’s sense of humor is boundless)

The entire conversation of how Ed’s skis became aware of global warming was left out. Here’s how it went:

“I’m not moving as fast down this hill! Global warming is worsening!”

“That’s because it’s July, dickweed!”

Author: Doug Powers

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