The Birth of the ‘Tea Party’ Party?

As the Republicans flail and the Democrats fail, there’s a growing sentiment that the solution might be found elsewhere:

Just how angry is the public with the country’s two leading political parties? Angry enough that the conservative, libertarian-leaning Tea Party movement is more popular than either the Democratic or the Republican parties, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Democrats misinterpret their nosediving numbers as disapproval of their not passing Obamacare, which makes them press harder to pass it, which keeps driving down their numbers. Raising the debt limit and overwhelming disapproval of the decision to bring Gitmo detainees to Illinois while continuing to frustrate the left-wing base isn’t helping either.

Additionally, people on the right have realized that the GOP hasn’t been getting the job done, so we might be witnessing the conception of a new party fueled not by any single billionaire or corporate entity, but rather by a groundswell of overall discontent from folks who are sick of watching their country being driven into the ground. This includes many Republicans, Democrats and independents alike.

The “tea party” movement combined with all the shark-jumping going on in Washington could prove to be the “perfect storm” of politics. We’ll know a lot more about it’s strength after the first Tuesday in November next year.

Author: Doug Powers

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