Obamacare Likely to Pass; Sen. Nelson Caves to Pressure Like a Chinese Coal Mine

Okay, so it’s not really accurate to say that Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson caved in to pressure from Harry Reid and the rest of his fellow Democrats to become the crucial 60th Obamacare vote. It actually happened the old fashioned way: He was bribed:

Democratic leaders offered Nelson a deal similar to the $300 million in Medicaid assistance Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana got for her support, numerous sources told Fox News.

When asked about this, Sen. Kent Conrad, a key Democratic leader involved in the negotiations with Nelson, said, “Oh, it’ll be much more.”

More indeed.

Great news for America, eh? A health care bill that was horrible in the first place but that was quickly dismantled and re-assembled to accommodate a couple of holdouts — namely socialists who also happen to be pro-life. Now nobody really knows what’s in the thing, but it’s going to be passed anyway.

If it does pass as expected by Christmas eve, we’ll begin paying for it immediately but the benefits won’t kick in until about 2014. The entire time we’ve been told that health care was an emergency, that Americans were dying daily, and we couldn’t afford to wait. Turns out the only thing Congress couldn’t wait for was to get their hands on more money and power.

Now have a seat, sick, uninsured Americans, and the doctor will see you… in four years or more. That’ll be $6 trillion, please.

Here’s Nelson announcing that he was successfully bribed — er, I mean, that America’s health depends on his “yes” vote:

Update: Via Michelle Malkin, here’s the sweet deal Nelson got in return for his vote. Even more here.

Bernie Madoff is rotting in prison for the rest of his life for paying people off using money from future victims, but in Washington it’s rewarded, and even more comical, praised as “holding out on principle.”

Author: Doug Powers

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