The Perfect Snowstorm: God Mocks Fools, Crooks and Liars


For me, an emergency global warming summit being disrupted by snow both at the site of the summit and at the home of many of the participants is proof-positive of the existence of not only a benevolent God, but one with a sense of humor:

In a strange twist, a Washington snowstorm is forcing Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, to make an early departure from a global warming summit here in Denmark.

Pelosi told CNN that military officials leading her Congressional delegation have urged the 21 lawmakers to leave Copenhagen several hours earlier than scheduled on Saturday.

Holding a global warming summit in a blizzard has all the sales effectiveness of trying to draw attention to an upcoming worldwide famine via a conference at Old Country Buffet.

The bad news with Pelosi’s early exodus from Denmark is that she’ll be back in Washington earlier than expected, and I’m guessing she’s more harmless in Copenhagen than in DC. I heard that Pelosi had to evacuate Denmark so fast that she stiffed a Danish plastic surgeon on the bill and is completely unaware she left in such a rush that she still has a scalpel sticking out of her forehead. Shh, don’t say anything.

The blizzards aren’t just in DC — they also saw a ton of the white stuff in Copenhagen. I’m referring of course to Al Gore. But they also got a lot of snow.

And it’s not just the U.S. and Denmark that are being socked with snow and bitter cold during the global warming panic-fest. England is getting in on the fun. The weather is so bad that both of England’s dentists can’t make it to the office.

Al Gore said that British PM Gordon Brown had “done more than any world leader to bring momentum to this process.” And Brown can stay and keep that momentum going, because flight delays in the UK due to snowstorms have him stuck in Denmark at the moment — not that the Brits will miss him.

For all the global warming Kool Aid drinkers who might read this and say “of course it’s snowing, it’s wintertime!” All I ask is that they return the favor in the summertime and say something similar the next time Al Gore wants us to panic because it’s 105 in Phoenix in July: “Of course it’s hot, it’s summertime!”

Bill Clinton covers the other end of the spectrum for the global warming alarmists though, because they can explain all this away by saying that global warming actually makes some places colder. So pretty much anything that happens is proof of global warming — just shut up and hand over your wallet, Skippy.

To top off the chill from the global warming blizzards, Obama and Hillary are getting the cold shoulder from the Chinese:

This afternoon, the US president and his secretary of state Hillary Clinton called another meeting with China, but were snubbed again when only three low-level Chinese delegates arrived.

And two of the three were only there to deliver David Axelrod’s Kung Pao Chicken.

It’s funny how we can be so in debt to a country and yet expect them to follow our orders. That’s the audacity of Hope.


White House officials called for more emissions cuts from developed nations after global warming caused a mysterious white powdery substance to accumulate near Air Force One while in Denmark

Author: Doug Powers

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