Lunatic Rep. Grayson Wants Critic Jailed for 5 Years

Hey, let’s give these creeps even more power — I’m sure they won’t try to abuse it:

Firebrand congressman Alan Grayson is so angry about a parody website that he wants the attorney general to prosecute its creator and imprison her for 5 years. Grayson sent a four-page complaint to Eric Holder, accusing the woman behind of lying to federal election officials, reports the Orlando Sentinel. Among other things, the title of the site misrepresents her as one of his constituents, he says.

Don’t you wish these libs would be half as hard on captured terrorists as they are on domestic critics?

Here’s part of the actual complaint (read the entire letter to Eric Holder here) in which Grayson attempts to discredit the very title of the website:


The website operator shouldn’t be able to call it “My Congressman is Nuts” because Grayson’s not her Representative? It can be assumed that some of the people who send money are constituents of Grayson, and therefore the name of the website makes sense. I suppose Grayson wants to put the “Just My Size” executives in jail too because they sell sizes that aren’t theirs.

So, we’ve actually got a US Congressman writing to the Attorney General of the United States arguing the case for why he is not nuts, which is as much proof as anyone needs that Alan Grayson is indeed a certifiable kookburger.

Considering Grayson’s penchant for sophomoric name-calling of all the doodie-heads he hates, here’s another guffaw-inducer from Grayson’s letter to Holder:


Tasteless and juvenile? Yeah, let’s keep the rhetoric mature and stick to the issues — like saying that Linda Robertson is a K Street whore, comparing the GOP health plan to 9/11 and the Holocaust, calling Dick Cheney a vampire and telling him to STFU!

And this is the guy who’s bitching about being slandered? I’m LOLing at your STFU, Congressman.

And of course no letter from a pro free speech congressman to the Attorney General would be complete without urging the AG to not only throw one of his critics in jail, but to also be so good as to recommend a prison sentence:


But I might be reading too much into Grayson’s motives in trying to imprison one of his critics. Maybe he’s just trying to have her thrown in jail because that would be one less person who wouldn’t die from a lack of government health care.

Update: From bobg47 via Twitter: Maybe Grayson will give back donations from anyone OUTSIDE his district.

Author: Doug Powers

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