Victoria Kennedy’s Snort Inducer: Nobody Had a Better Sense of What Was Right Than Teddy

From an interview with Ted Kennedy’s widow in Parade Magazine:

“Nobody had a better gut sense of what was right and how to make progress toward achieving his goal than Teddy,” his widow says. “He understood human nature. He understood the Senate.”

I’m sure we can all think of somebody who would disagree with this, big time.

Chappaquiddick aside, if dedicating your life to spending somebody else’s money and taking credit for the philanthropy is “right,” we need a lot more wrong in the Senate.

The Kennedys have always demonstrated a dramatic lack of compunction when it comes to events in Ted’s life. Not long ago, Ted Kennedy Jr. was asked if he’d be running for office, and he replied — I kid you not — “I haven’t crossed that bridge yet.” Uh… yah

Author: Doug Powers

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