Predictable: Loon Who Threatened to ‘Blow Away’ Michelle Obama Assumed ‘Teabagger’


Kristy Lee Roshia is somebody as stable as a case of nitroglycerin being transported by horse & buggy across the Oregon Trail:

A woman accused of telling the Secret Service she would ‘blow away’ Michelle Obama was in federal custody on Tuesday as the Obama family planned to travel to Hawaii.

Kristy Lee Roshia, 35, was charged with threatening a family member of the president and assaulting a federal agent after being arrested on Saturday less than two miles from the Kailua home where the Obama family planned to stay during a holiday visit later this week.

Roshia called the Secret Service’s Boston office last month and told a receptionist, ‘I will kill Michelle Obama’ and ‘I will kill Marines’, according to a Secret Service affidavit.

During the same call, she said she would ‘blow away’ Michelle Obama, the document states.

Luckily this crazy is safely resting in a padded room at Our Lady of Swatting at Imaginary Flies, but of course, as you might predict, some libs are assuming she might be a “teabagger.”

This brings back memories of when many on the left assumed, with great certainty, that US Census worker Bill Sparkman was killed by right-wing “anti-government” radicals when he in fact committed suicide.

Glance at some of the comments to the story at the Huffington Post. Here’s just one:


These morons didn’t read the article very carefully, because she also threatened Bush in 2004. She also threatened Marines. Why she was still roaming free is anybody’s guess.

So, who’s at fault for this loon who threatened Michelle Obama and, earlier in the decade, President Bush? Why, Bush of course:


Whiffle-brained leftist moonbats are always good for a laugh.

Fortunately, the Secret Service was on the job — although this crazy chick’s overtness made it difficult for them to do anything less.

Author: Doug Powers

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