Psst, White House Christmas Tree… Your Mao Balls are Showing

From Big Government via Hot Air comes this shocker: Decorations featuring pictures of Communist Chinese leader Chairman Mao, as well as a picture of a drag queen, are featured on this year’s White House Christmas tree.

Can you believe it? This is an outrage! A Christmas tree? So much for secular Hope and all-inclusive Change.

What? The Mao thing? Oh no, that’s not surprising in the least, given who Obama keeps company with:

At this point I wish they’d have gone ahead and called it a “holiday tree” (or better yet a “Hopenchange tree”) instead of a “Christmas tree” (as was falsely reported earlier in the month). After all, what kind of praise to Jesus Christ is it to hang a decoration featuring the likeness of a man who killed over 50 million people?

Then again, what kind of “health care bill” containing provisions to pay for abortions gets passed on the anniversary of the eve of Christ’s birth and is called America’s Christmas gift? These people have balls — Mao balls.

Author: Doug Powers

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