AC/DC Concert Isn’t For the Birds, Plus Some Blog Notes

As the authorities try to sort out how a would-be terrorist who claims to be working for Al Qaeda ended up being able to get explosives on a jet bound for Detroit — which will no doubt delay plenty of air travelers on their way home from Christmas — I’ve been working on some new goodies for the blog, which should be in place hopefully by early next week or before.

I’m going to change the comments mechanism to something a little more interactive and easy to use as far as creating links, replying to specific comments, etc. I’m still looking at some of the comment tool options out there (Intense Debate, DISQUS, etc). What I’m kind of looking for is something that will allow commenters to have what amounts to their own mini-blog within the blog — if possible. If anybody has any recommendations, I’ll check ’em out. Haloscan is too limiting and it’s time to change. Haloscan allows the exporting of all the comments that have ever been made here, so I’ll be able to import them into the new system, whatever that will be, so all the old comments will be saved.

I’m also going to install and “email this post” widget as well as something that will allow readers to immediately Facebook or Twitter posts. I’m looking at a couple other thing to spruce up the blog with as well. The core of the site won’t change much, but I’d like to kick off the new year with a more interactive and user-friendly blog.

While this is going on, here’s a story you might find funny:

AUSSIE rockers AC/DC could have to cancel a sold-out concert because their big sound poses a danger to rare birds.

Animal rights campaigners are threatening legal action if the veteran band goes ahead with a gig planned for Wels airport in Austria in May.

Heaven forbid those birds that live at airports be exposed to loud noises.

Semi on-topic bonus quote from Dennis Miller: “Do you think birds that live at airports have a bad self image? I believe it was Freud who first advanced the theory of fuselage envy.”

Author: Doug Powers

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