I’m not a fan of Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano, but with the attempted bombing of the Northwest jet as it approached Detroit, Napolitano has made it more clear than ever that she either doesn’t get it, or refuses to.

Below is an interview Napolitano conducted with CNN, and she continually referred to the terrorist attack as an “incident” (it was a terrorist attack — simply because it didn’t succeed to the perp’s full intent shouldn’t downgrade it to an “incident”). But don’t forget, this is the woman who coined the phrase “man-caused disasters” instead of “terrorist attacks.”

The fact that Napolitano keeps saying this was a single incident and there’s “no evidence that this was part of a wider plot” should earn her walking papers, but it won’t. Of course this is part of a “wider plot.” Has she not been paying attention for the past couple of decades?

Candy Crowley didn’t ask Napolitano if this would lead to air travelers having to remove their pants for security screening, but maybe that’s in the works. After all, we have to take our shoes off now thanks to Richard Reid.

Napolitano reminds me of Joycelyn Elders — except in national security instead of the Surgeon General’s office. If only we could create a composite of these two to direct Homeland Security, maybe we could encourage potential man-caused disaster initiators to become so pre-occupied with masturbation that they’d be too busy to set off any more bombs. After all, idle hands are Al Qaeda’s workshop.

The headline on this story says “Napolitano talks terror attack,” but she didn’t — she talked “incident.”

Napolitano’s bottom line from what I can tell? The public shouldn’t be scared of air travel, because sometimes a bomber’s detonator fails, passengers are more attentive now and the DHS is on the job — but mostly because sometimes a bomber’s detonator fails:

At NRO, Jonah Goldberg writes that Napolitano should be fired. I’m afraid to go as far as Jonah. Not because I don’t think Napolitano should be replaced, but, due to the nature of the people in charge in Washington DC, I’m afraid of who she’d be replaced by. I mean, Van Jones is still looking for another job.


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  1. archer52 on December 28th, 2009 2:43 am

    From my website:

    I caught the last of an interview with John Bolton on FOX. There was a reference to Janet Napolitano’s comment that the security had done its job. Of course Bolton, who is one person with common sense inside politics, pointed out that the only thing that saved the plane was the failure of the device to detonate. He said if she thought that was a success he would hate to see what her idea of failure was. It was funny and true. She is one of the most incompetent people I’ve seen that has made it as far as she has in politics. At some point the “Peter Principle” should kick in, no matter what profession you pick. Admittedly, politics carries a far lower bar than any real job. (Al Gore is an example of the serious lack of qualifications not getting in the way.) There is no other way to explain people like Frank, Pelosi or Reid holding their positions for as long as they have. Politics also explains why they aren’t in jail, but that’s for another time.

    Ever since Janet has been on the national scene she’s made one mistake after another. As my wife put it, “She says what she is told to say.” Translated that means Napolitano is a useful idiot working for the Obama administration. She is controllable because she lacks any real desire to be anything other than a grateful recipient of the opportunities being a useful idiot offers. Honestly, at what point would a normal person go “Hey I don’t think labeling veterans as possible domestic terrorists is a good idea.” Really. But she tried to defend it, before she hammered into an apology by about everyone living in the country, including some lefties. Why would Obama put someone so incompetent in a position of so much power? Easy. One less thing he has to worry about as he proceeds forward with his agenda. The last thing he needs to happen when he labels someone a terrorist is to have his “terrorist expert” go, “Oh, no they aren’t.” He wants her to say what he wants, when he wants. After that, her job is to flummox the department by driving it into the ground with mindless PC agendas and leaderless efforts.

    Read the book. Hell, read Mao.
    The web has been buzzing about this and I've added more comment. Truth is she serves another purpose other than being competent. The purpose is the key. Having a useful idiot in charge of such a powerful agency might come in handy later for Rahm. In addition, apparently now they are blaming Bush for this, saying the policy in place had been put there by Bush and not reviewed. My answer to that is if Janet and Curly and Larry had spent half as much time working on the policy as they did listing veterans as terrorists, they'd be fine. But noooo…

  2. Nanny on December 28th, 2009 1:47 pm

    All of her comments this morning have been to blame the Bush administration for the practices put in place after 9/11. When are these clowns going to start taking responsibility? Is it going to take another 9/11 to wake them the hell up? It scares the bezeebies out of me that they cannot or will not accept any blame.

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    [...] Janet Napolitano: The Joycelyn Elders Of National Security : The I’m not a fan of Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano, but with the attempted bombing of the Northwest jet as it approached Detroit, Napolitano has made it more clear than ever that she either doesn’t get it, or refuses to. [...]

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