Janet Napolitano: The Joycelyn Elders of National Security

I’m not a fan of Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano, but with the attempted bombing of the Northwest jet as it approached Detroit, Napolitano has made it more clear than ever that she either doesn’t get it, or refuses to.

Below is an interview Napolitano conducted with CNN, and she continually referred to the terrorist attack as an “incident” (it was a terrorist attack — simply because it didn’t succeed to the perp’s full intent shouldn’t downgrade it to an “incident”). But don’t forget, this is the woman who coined the phrase “man-caused disasters” instead of “terrorist attacks.”

The fact that Napolitano keeps saying this was a single incident and there’s “no evidence that this was part of a wider plot” should earn her walking papers, but it won’t. Of course this is part of a “wider plot.” Has she not been paying attention for the past couple of decades?

Candy Crowley didn’t ask Napolitano if this would lead to air travelers having to remove their pants for security screening, but maybe that’s in the works. After all, we have to take our shoes off now thanks to Richard Reid.

Napolitano reminds me of Joycelyn Elders — except in national security instead of the Surgeon General’s office. If only we could create a composite of these two to direct Homeland Security, maybe we could encourage potential man-caused disaster initiators to become so pre-occupied with masturbation that they’d be too busy to set off any more bombs. After all, idle hands are Al Qaeda’s workshop.

The headline on this story says “Napolitano talks terror attack,” but she didn’t — she talked “incident.”

Napolitano’s bottom line from what I can tell? The public shouldn’t be scared of air travel, because sometimes a bomber’s detonator fails, passengers are more attentive now and the DHS is on the job — but mostly because sometimes a bomber’s detonator fails:

At NRO, Jonah Goldberg writes that Napolitano should be fired. I’m afraid to go as far as Jonah. Not because I don’t think Napolitano should be replaced, but, due to the nature of the people in charge in Washington DC, I’m afraid of who she’d be replaced by. I mean, Van Jones is still looking for another job.

Author: Doug Powers

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