Blog Notes, Part Deux

If you click on a “comments” link, you’ll notice that the look is a little different. I’m working on importing all the old comments from Haloscan to the new service, but so far unsuccessfully. There are also social networking links at the bottom of each post, but I’m not sure I like how they look yet, so I might switch to something else. In any case, if you drag over any icon, they pop up and you can post a link to your account on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

As for the comments, if you fill in your name, web link, etc. the first time you comment, it should remember you for subsequent comments. The comments will remain “open” like they were before unless we run across a reason to put them on moderation. I’m still tweaking the features on the comments as well. We’re also on a new server, but you shouldn’t notice much of a difference — if anything it loads a little faster now.

I’m looking at some other stuff for the blog as well. Back to work I go…

Author: Doug Powers

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