Naked Truth About the Kennedys, Part 4,139 (Update: So Much for TMZ’s ‘Photo Experts’?)

The website TMZ is running a photo they claim has been examined and ruled authentic. The picture purports to have been taken in the mid 1950’s and shows JFK on a boat with a bunch of naked chicks:


This part of the story oozes just enough Kennedy class to make me believe that the picture could be authentic:

The photo was allegedly taken during a two-week sailing trip in the Mediterranean that Kennedy, then a senator, took with his brother Ted and another senator. At the time of the trip, Kennedy’s pregnant wife Jackie was in hospital giving birth.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

And to think that, when my wife was in labor, I got yelled at just for leaving the delivery room to go to the bathroom!

Update: The photo in question might be from a 1967 Playboy shoot. If that’s the case, this picture will remain the most infamous Kennedy beach photo.

Author: Doug Powers

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