Obama: Best Television of the Decade?

Tom Shales from the Washington Post has a “Best TV of the Decade” piece in today’s paper, and Tom clearly likes different shows than I do. Barack Obama came in #8 on his list, and Shales even managed to get in an MSM libtard two-fer because he managed to squeeze in a shot at Bush while he was at it:

8. Barack Obama, a president as ideally suited for the new information age (the one that has supplanted the old information age) as his predecessor, George W. Bush, was ill-equipped. Also unlike Bush, Obama seemed to thrive under TV lights, and spent more time under them than any president to precede him.

I don’t disagree with that last part. As a matter of fact, Obama has spent so much time under television lights that it’s easy to forget that he used to be white.

Of course, Shales’ “best television of the decade” list makes a lot more sense when you notice that he put Rachel Maddow at #7. Both of Rachel’s viewers agree.

(h/t Newsbusters)

Author: Doug Powers

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