Obama: I Won’t Rest Until the Terrorists are Caught; Now if You’ll Excuse Me, I’ve Got to Tee Off

Politico has something that would have been widely mocked had Bush been the one doing it, so in the spirit of bipartisanship, it’s only fair to report this:

TEEING OFF: A half-hour after President Obama vowed to catch the terrorists behind a plot to blow up a plane on Christmas, he arrived at 10:40 a.m. at the Luana Hills Country Club, where a golf course winds through a rain forest, the pool reports.

This is the first thing that popped into my head after I heard Obama say that and then go golf (give it a few seconds after clicking play because I programmed it to jump ahead to the relevant part):

It’s actually kind of ironic, because that scene featured O.J. Simpson, and he looked for the perps on the golf course too.

Speaking of Bush, he was bashed for doing something similar to what Obama did. I wonder if that hypocritical commie pudding-sack Michael Moore will feature Obama’s “golfing while the nation is in crisis” in his expose of the Hopenchange administration the way he did with Bush:

Related note: The Obamas are vacationing in Hawaii, but so is Nancy Pelosi. Stalker, or coincidence? In either case, the wallets of those of us on the mainland U.S. are a little safer with her gone.

(h/t Ace and Perfunction)

Author: Doug Powers

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