A Sarra Pallin Phan Rites an Oppen Leter too Joyy Bayhar

Eye jsut disspached the folowwing leter to Joyy Bayhar from teh proggrm Teh Veiw, hoo sugessted thet Sarra Pallin phans are iliterratte:

Miz Bayhar,

I am relly rezenting you’re sayyng thet peepel hoo lyke Sarra Pallin ar stoopid an do’nt reed good. your an asswhole in mi oppinyun

Hoo ar yoo too judg hoo iz smartt? Yew spennd you’re daze tawking two and aggreeing with summ of teh dummest moreons on urth on Teh Veiw. Whenn I wach you’re showw i fell lyke i am waching fore labradoor retreivvers triing too figgur outt a Roobicks Kewb.

Andd than yoo havve teh uther tock showe knowboddee waches. Moore peepel no whair Jimmee Hoffstra iz barried than wach you’re showe. Sarra onlee sold millyuns of bookes. Thee onlee tyme anybuddy reeds anythign yoo rote iz if i’ts on teh bathrooom wall at CNN, adn usualley knot even than. Your jsut jellus.

Yew thawt thhat ‘Blak Fryday” wuz a rayshall slurr?!? Thatt iz stoopid.

Yoo sed wee onley baught Sarras boook Gong Rowge becuase of the pikchur on teh shiney cuvver. I gott newz forr yew, so didd you’re boyfrend. Hee wantad sumthing bye hiz bed thatt di’dnt hav too bee drank prittee evry knight.

Wee Pallin phans do’nt likke beeing lekshured onn kommon cents and branes bye sumbuddy hoo intillekshually is livving ina storrage klosset in the baysment of teh ivorry towwer annd pre-tendding i’ts the penthaus aparttmint.

Ure a doosh. Cee yoo att the nxet prezzidenntal ellekshun in 2011 ore whenneverr!!1!


A Sarrah Pallin phann

Author: Doug Powers

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