You’d think your average member of the mainstream media would become a little more “hawkish” when it comes to eliminating terror threats (maybe it would get more positive airplay if we started calling it “The war on the people who are killing journalists”) after they read news like this:

(AP) This year has been one of the worst on record for the deliberate killing of reporters and media staff, an international journalists’ association said Thursday.

A total of 137 journalists and media personnel were killed in 2009, according to the Brussels-based International Federation of Journalists.

It said 113 were singled out because of their profession and 24 died accidentally.

The 113 “targeted killings” tally was one of the highest ever recorded, said the federation. It listed the Philippines, Mexico and Somalia as the most dangerous countries for journalists this year.

But among domestic journalists — such as ex-CNN “reporter” Susan Roesgen — the most dangerous places for the MSM to be in 2009 were… tea parties:


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