‘Peggy Effect’ Update: Dem. Reps. Threaten ‘Jobless March on Washington’

When Barack Obama was elected president, I looked at all his promises of free health care, bank reform, business reform, gumdrops, rainbows and unicorns and predicted that within a year he’d fall victim to “The Peggy Effect.” But it happened even sooner than that.

What’s the “Peggy Effect”? Everybody who voted for Obama because of all the free stuff they’d be getting, such as a famed freeloader named “Peggy” (video of Peggy back in happier, more hopeful times below), have been running to their mailboxes for almost a year now since Obama’s inauguration and… nothing. What a letdown this must be, and it’s evidenced in Obama’s declining approval rating.

But now the Peggy Effect has extended to many members of Congress who supported Obama for the goodies they’d be getting for their districts (thus ensuring their perpetual re-election), and they’re getting restless too:

Members of President Obama’s own political party are charging that the White House and the Democratic Congressional leadership are not doing enough to help the unemployed and are threatening to organize a march on Washington of jobless Americans.

“Obviously there’s something that’s not getting through to them,” said Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Illinois. “And we’re going to let the White House and everybody who’s concerned know that we have got people in our districts who are depending on us to deliver for them.”

Reps. Rush and Kaptur, who are threatening the march, say it’s about jobs, but it’s not. Sure, the unemployment rate is higher than a mosquito in Lindsay Lohan’s glove compartment, but the real beef with Obama among liberal politicians is that they’re not getting their hands on nearly enough taxpayer cheese:

Some of the proposals being floated by the caucus include: redirecting existing stimulus and TARP money to jobs programs and pressing for a new jobs bill, which they’re careful not to call a “stimulus.”
“I have been very disappointed in the incomplete manner in which the jobs and the economic recession has been dealt with,” said Kaptur, who added, “We don’t want to be given short shrift.”

It’s not about jobs, it’s about getting their hands on your pie — if you have any left. But that’s the problem. The pigs in DC are as hungry as ever, and we’re running out of food. As evidenced by the above story, it’s no secret who they plan to blame. Honeymoon’s officially over, Mr. President.

I’m also afraid to ask how they expect to pay to get all these “jobless” people to Washington. The time to bring people who need work to Washington would have been late last January — Obama could have paid them to clean up the garbage after his “green” inauguration.

Here’s Peggy back in more hope-filled times, but I’ll bet she’ll be at the “jobless march” in Washington — if she can bum gas money from somebody… and a car:

Update: Another liberal jumps from the sinking SS Hope.

Barbara Boxer Against More Troops Because Only 100 Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Meaning Her I.Q. is Outnumbered

Here’s an item for those of you who like consistency in life: It will comfort you to know that Senator Barbara “Don’t call me ma’am” Boxer is still a blithering idiot:

Intelligence officials on Wednesday disputed suggestions that President Obama is sending 30,000 more troops just to fight 100 Al Qaeda operatives estimated to be remaining in Afghanistan, arguing that their influence with the thousands-strong Taliban makes them far more harmful than their numbers would indicate.

The officials responded after an ABC News story referred to the intelligence community estimate on the number of Al Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan as “Obama’s secret,” and something he deliberately omitted mentioning in his speech Tuesday night.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., invoked the 100 figure in her response to Obama’s Afghanistan strategy speech Tuesday night.

“I do not support adding more troops because there are now 200,000 American, NATO and Afghan forces fighting roughly 20,000 Taliban and less than 100 Al Qaeda,” she said in a written statement.

Let’s take Boxer’s claim at face value. We should never assume that just because there’s only 100 of anything renders it benign and easy to defeat. For example, there are 100 people in the U.S. Senate, and look how much havoc they can wreak — and often they’re unstoppable. Many of them are on the verge of continuing to wreck the entire nation economically (not to mention medically) as we speak.

On 9/11, thousands of people were murdered by only 19 members of Al Qaeda. And, as I stated in the title, if Obama sent Barbara Boxer’s I.Q. to Afghanistan to fight those 100 Al Qaeda she says are there, her I.Q. would be greatly outnumbered.

Obama’s West Point Speech: Wrong Message in the Right Venue

I’m not going to parse the substance of Obama’s speech to the cadets at West Point (but mostly to the rest of America) about the future of America’s Afghanistan strategy. You can judge that for yourself by watching the video below if you missed it — but what struck me as uninspiring and inappropriate was Obama’s choice of West Point as the venue for this particular speech.

Considering Obama was standing directly before those who may sacrifice the most in this war, this speech was stagnate and uninspiring at best.

This speech had the emotional impact of a football coach delivering a pre-game pep talk to his team and saying “We’re going to go out there and give it our all, but only for three quarters — sooner if I think our helmet logo offends the other team or if our equipment is too expensive.”

Obama’s mistake in speech and venue was that he was trying to talk to the troops and his liberal base at the same time while satisfying both. It falls way short in my opinion, but you be the judge.

Put yourself in a cadet’s shoes — does this make you want to go kill terrorists, or become a member of the U.N. Security Council?:

Update: Cassy Fiano: A war can’t be “ended” — it’s either won or lost

Palin Featured in Children’s Political Book, But What’s In Her Purse?

First there was Red Sarah, the comic book action hero, and now there’s Governor Sarah, economics instructor for kids:

While Sarah Palin is certainly making waves with her own best-selling book “Going Rogue,” the former governor and vice presidential candidate is also in the spotlight with a cameo appearance as a heroine in the recently released children’s book “Help! Mom! Radicals Are Ruining My Country!”

In the book written by Katharine DeBrecht, “Governor Sarah” (a character based on Palin) attempts to help two young boys hold onto their dream of a swing-set business which is struggling as a result of high taxes, heavy regulations and 246 czars.

“I am trying to let all Americans know that these radicals are killing the American Dream and I want to stop them from hurting people that produce products and provide jobs,” the Palin character consoles the frustrated boys after their business is destroyed by “Marxus Obunduf” who is based on President Obama.

Marxus Obunduf? I’ll give the author points for not pulling any punches. Too bad Van Jones is gone from the White House (officially), because the name the author could have been used to tie him to radical leftism is… Van Jones.

Here’s one of the illustrations — is that supposed to be lipstick in Sarah’s purse, or did she accidentally pick up Eva Longoria’s handbag?


The book also mocks Barney Frank, so it must be a good read. Barney hasn’t worked up a sweat like this since he hosted the Chippendales dancer tryouts in his basement.

NFL Joins Forces With United We Serve: PSA Stars Obama, Of Course

nullLeave it to Obama & Company to assist the NFL in creating a PSA for kids that mostly features Obama picking off a pass in slo-mo with such ease that I’m surprised it wasn’t thrown by one of the Detroit Lions.

No wonder Rush Limbaugh wasn’t welcome into the NFL ownership family — they’re in bed with United We Serve. Rush never had a chance.

Oddly enough, the website we’re encouraged to go to at the end of the PSA is called NFLRush.com. I think they’re just trying to rub it in.

In recognition of this partnership, my sources tell me the NFL will announce that this coming Sunday, all NFL quarterback cadences must be as follows: “Barack Hussein Obama… Mmm Mmm HUT!”

The best ending for this spot would have been for Michaele and Tareq Salahi to run in out of nowhere and intercept Obama’s lateral, but Serve.Gov and the NFL obviously have zero sense of humor:

John Kerry once tried shooting a similar PSA, but it didn’t go as well so they scrapped the idea:


(h/t Ace)

More Bad News for Gore

The hits just keep on coming for the Mr. Haney of climatology:

The 2009 Atlantic hurricane season ended Monday without a hurricane landing on U.S. shores and with the fewest named storms in 12 years, according to the National Hurricane Center.

If you want to shell out the $1,209 it will cost to meet Al personally at the Copenhagen Climate Summit, you can ask him how disappointing this news must be.

For now, Gore will have to keep Photoshopping hurricanes in his books… at least until next hurricane season.

Global warming update: Snow is forecast in Texas this week.