Where’s Hillary?


Jennifer Rubin observes that we haven’t heard from Hillary at all since the undiebomber’s terrorist attack, in spite of the State Department’s role in the security breakdown.

Where and why is the most admired woman in America keeping on the public downlow?

My own guess is that she and her husband are behind closed doors advising Obama and the DHS on the Flight 253 incident — after all, nobody knows more about the potentially lethal political ramifications of improperly handled underwear explosions than the Clintons.

Update: Here’s the link to the interesting story Nanny mentioned in comments of a passenger who was on the plane. If all that ends up holding water, it’s no wonder some government officials are AWOL on this. The first person shoved in front of the camera was Napolitano, so there’s a good chance she’ll end up being the convenient “fall guy.” Not that it would be undeserved. Contrary to some opinions, Hillary will emerge unscathed. If anybody knows how to side-step political land mines, it’s a Clinton.

Author: Doug Powers

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