Detroit: An Examination of Liberalism in Action and Common Sense Inaction

Steven Crowder has a great video piece on Detroit, my wife’s former hometown and the place over which leftists, liberals, moonbats and crooks (usually rolled into one convenient politician) have held exclusive dominion for several decades. So how’s that working out for Detroit?

“Detroit” is now of course used as a euphemism for colossal failure — be it economically, politically or professional footbally — but Crowder goes a little more in depth as to the history of the causes. The causes of the misery, by the way, are more often than not due to liberal “solutions.” Detroit is now a government teat without even the teat (it’s been stripped and is up on blocks behind the shuttered welfare office).

Sad stuff, but now what turned Detroit into Detroit is being taken national, and so many people seem to be all for it — which is truly troubling:

Be sure to also check out Crowder at Gitmo.

Author: Doug Powers

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