Why Not Change the Name to ‘the Obama Islands’ and Get it Over With?

Hawaii already has the “SnObama,” but where the trend will end after that is anybody’s guess.

Headline from the Honolulu Advertiser:


That’s Obamariffic, Baracktastic and Husseinsational! Too bad Don Ho(pe) isn’t around for all this change.

A push is even underway to make Obama’s birthday, August 4th (if it falls on a weekend, the following Monday no doubt), a Hawaii state holiday.

There are a few other changes under consideration:


Changing the name of schools to honor Obama always perplexes me. The intent is to show kids where hard work and study can get them in life, but the unspoken message sent by the man whose name is on the building is “why study and work hard when everything’s gonna be free?” Peggy agrees. Or at least, she used to.

I’d also respectully suggest that the cover of all Hawaii Five-O DVDs sold from this date forward be slightly altered to honor the president:


Author: Doug Powers

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