Seattle Airport Security Thwarts Potential Terror Threat From Michael Yon’s Income — Update: TSA Puts Down Joan Rivers’ Jihad

Michael Yon, blogger/photographer/war correspondent extraordinaire, who has spent a lot of time with our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, says he was welcomed back to the United States by being handcuffed for refusing to tell security employees how much money he makes.

From Yon’s Facebook page (I flipped the two posts so the oldest would be at the top):


Wouldn’t it be ironic if Yon kept his cash in his underwear and that was the one place security didn’t look? Is our economy is getting so bad that the TSA is shaking down travelers and calling it “security”?

Fortunately Janet Napolitano said that in spite of Yon’s detention and refusal to say how much money he makes, there’s “no evidence of a wider threat.” I believe her this time. Because of all the Obama “stimulus” that’s out there, nobody has a job or money.

Good thing this incident didn’t escalate. Yon might have faced a military tribunal (civilian courts are full up at the moment).

Update: Another terror threat has been put down: Joan Rivers. “The security officer was so stupid, the sign said ‘wet floor’ so he did.”

Update II: Another victory for national security: Play-Doh threat successfully put down.

(h/t Jawa Report)

Author: Doug Powers

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