Government Visa: It’s Everywhere You Want To Blow Up

Now that he’s in jail, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a dozen days after his attempt to blow up flight 253, has lost his Visa.

I’ve seen overzealous shoppers get their Visas cut up by clerks at Bed, Bath & Beyond faster than the government revoked the EunuchBomber’s Visa.

Howie at the Jawa Report observes as follows:

It wasn’t revoked when MI5 reported him. It was not revoked when his father reported him missing. It was not revoked when he tried to blow shit up.

But now that he’s locked up they revoke his visa? What’s next? Going to suspend his DL so he can’t drive around the prison?

What the government did do is read Fruit of the Doom his Miranda rights, so the terrorist who’s not an American citizen has taken his attorney’s advice and stopped talking to authorities, courtesy of his newfound protections under the U.S. Constitution he wants to destroy. Way to go, Obama administration.

Obama said that for the time being, no more Gitmo detainees would be transferred to Yemen due to the “unsettled situation there.” So since they might present a danger to America all the way over there in Yemen, the only logical thing to do is send them to… Illinois.

In the meantime, President Obama convened a meeting of his National Security team. I’m not optimistic though, because any meeting on how to plug holes in the security system that the Salahis can sneak into is unlikely to produce positive results:


Author: Doug Powers

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