It’s all starting to make sense how people like the SkivvieBomber can slip through the cracks, if you’ll pardon the expression — because the CIA, an agency charged with rooting out national security threats, is devoting ever-increasing intelligence resources to the study of… climate change:

The nation’s top scientists and spies are collaborating on an effort to use the federal government’s intelligence assets — including spy satellites and other classified sensors — to assess the hidden complexities of environmental change. They seek insights from natural phenomena like clouds and glaciers, deserts and tropical forests.

Climate change? Too bad they couldn’t have used similar technology to observe Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s underwear change.

The Times article quotes the following from Harvard’s Michael B. McElroy concerning the CIA studying climate change:

“I’m extremely pleased with what’s been happening,” said Michael B. McElroy, an atmospheric scientist at Harvard University and a senior member of the group. “It’s really first-rate.”

And who has McElroy been hanging around with?


“Move along. Nothing to see here.”

Why would Al Gore care about the CIA’s satellite photos of the earth when he can just use his mad Photoshop skills?

More on the Climate Idiocy Accomplices (CIA) from Fox News:

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2 Responses to “CIA: Climate Idiocy Accomplices”

  1. Nanny on January 8th, 2010 1:27 am

    Do you think Zero actually believed what he read off the teleprompter today? He really, really, really, really, really tried hard to sound tough – ya think? Terrorist turds around the world are laughing their bomb laden asses off right now.

    They can't wait to have our Miranda rights read to them and join their brothers in arms in Holder's Club Fed in Illinois while our CIA and intelligence community is reduced to flying back and forth over the big pond as air marshalls.

    Hollywood take note – can't wait to see your next thriller! "Agents of Madison County". CIA agent tires of frequent flier miles and takes leave of absence only to unwittingly fall in love with Desiree Cooper, White House social secretary, who becomes imgregnated by Zero's Budget Director, David Orzag. The twists and turns of a love struck CIA agent, burnt out from warding off lawsuits from DOJ to keep his previous stellar job status, affair and frequent party crashing at Zero's White House State Dinners will keep you glued to the screen.

  2. Nanny on January 8th, 2010 1:31 am

    Nick – I am sure there is a "Best Supporting Role" for you somewhere in this farce! Either in the movie or the "real" world of Zero.

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