‘Security Jobs Stimulus’: KSM Trial in NYC to Cost More Than $400 Million

Look for the Obama administration’s spin on this to be how many security jobs it’ll bring to the Big Apple:

New York City projects it will cost more than $400 million to provide security if the pre-trial preparation and trial of the suspects in the Sept. 11 terror attacks takes two years, which insiders say is virtually certain, according to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The cost of the upcoming terror trials in this New York City courthouse for Guantanamo Bay detainees charged as 9/11 co-conspirators, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, will likely be more than $400 million and could go as high as $600 million.

According to the New York Times, the operating cost of Gitmo in 2007 was between $90 and $118 million.

So, for the civil trials of three “detainee suspects,” taxpayers are going to eat a bill that is more than four times the annual operating cost of Gitmo — all while giving these animals a chance to bash America in open court, giving their leftist lawyers access to top secret U.S. intel as part of the discovery process, and attracting those sympathetic with the KSM cause to New York City — and American taxpayers get to pay for it.

New York Sen. Schumer has “called for a separate line in next year’s federal budget to cover the reimbursement of resources spent on securing the streets of lower Manhattan.”

In light of that, RINO NY Mayor Bloomberg came up with this doozy of an addendum:

In his letter supporting Schumer’s proposal, Bloomberg noted that the cost of securing the 2004 Republican National Convention exceeded $50 million.

Hey, so if New York just cancels the next eight political conventions, they can try three more terrorists there and break even! What? Yeah, I don’t know what the hell Bloomberg was trying to get at either.

Why do cities bid on political conventions? Because they pay for themselves (or at least can come close) in money spent by attendees and media, the increased tourism, Federal Elections Commission reimbursements, along with charitable work often performed in advance of the convention.

I seriously doubt that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is going to spring for a suite at Trump Tower to entertain pals, notch together a house for Habitat For Humanity, take a few dozen people out for dinner at Le Cirque and then see a couple of Broadway shows to stimulate the local economy and help make up some of the expense of his trial. However, given whose idea all this was, I wouldn’t be surprised if he were allowed to do so.

Author: Doug Powers

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