The Buck Stops Where?

Obama says he’s taking “full responsibility” for recent security debacles, but those in charge of staging press conferences sure seem to be going overboard to make Janet Napolitano synonymous with the White House.

The president saying “the buck stops here” may dampen the panties of perpetual Obamaniacs like Diane Sawyer, but judging from the picture below, the buck stops somewhere else. Do you think they could squeeze any more “White House” reminders in here (photo via Althouse):


And the media is saying that Obama is taking ownership of the problem? (Sorry, but I can’t help but think of this when I look at that picture)

Then there’s the question of why the New York Times ran the photo that way and didn’t crop out the redundant “White House” flat-screen to Napolitano’s left.

A commenter at Ann Althouse’s blog guesses that the air is leaking from the Hopenchange balloon at the NY Times:

I think the photograph is a not-so-subtle statement:

Janet Napolitano IS the White House.

Obama’s game has been to let Obama appear to be “the adult in the room” by correcting and re-correcting Napolitano’s repeated stupidity.

The editor here is saying: Hey Obama, we’re not THAT stupid. She speaks for you, and we’re a little sick of the game of you’re playing. Napolitano speaks for you even when she says something stupid. We’re not playing along any more.

When even the NYT editors make a point of telling Obama “You can no more disown Napolitano than you can disown your grandmother,” you know you’re in deep trouble…

But maybe Obama thinks he can disown Napolitano like his own brother.

Author: Doug Powers

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