Al Sharpton never misses a chance to stir up a race-storm over racially charged words — unless it was a Democrat who made the comments, then it’s no big deal compared to how racist Republicans are.

Sharpton’s weak defense of “Trent Lott said something far worse than Harry Reid did” comes across as nothing more than “Democrat whites aren’t quite as racist as Republican whites” and is an epic fail. Sharpton is on the ropes for the whole interview.

I kept waiting for Coulter to say “Okay, Al, what if a Duke lacrosse player said this — would it be wrong then?”


One Response to “Sharpton Takes on Coulter, Defends Harry ‘Jolson’ Reid”

  1. Rick on January 11th, 2010 9:56 pm

    None of the actors in these “race plays” are offended by the statements. “Race” is simply another political weapon,used to best effect by the Left.

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