Brown: ‘It’s Not Ted Kennedy’s Seat, It’s the People’s Seat’; Update: Coakley Spell Fail

Scott Brown, the Republican who is running surprisingly strong against Martha Coakley for the Massachusetts Senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy, had a good reminder for debate moderator David “Rodham” Gergen. If Brown ends up winning the election on January 19th, people might, somewhat ironically, remember this as a “You’re no Jack Kennedy” kind of moment.

Somebody give this man a cigar. No, not you President Clinton:

Michael Walsh at BigGovernment summed it up this way: “Note how easily Gergen reached back for what he thought was a blazing fastball — ‘You’re going to sit in Teddy Kennedy’s seat!’ — and discovered that it was a hanging curve that Brown knocked over the Green Monster at Fenway, where it’s still bouncing around somewhere on the Mass Pike.”

Conversely, in the same debate, Martha Coakley had what may be remembered as her “Dukakis still wouldn’t support the death penalty if his wife were raped and murdered” moment when she said there are no terrorists in Afghanistan.

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Via Gateway Pundit — Martha Coakley ad’s spell fail:


I was too guffawed by a candidate who supports spending trillions of dollars on entitlement programs saying “we can’t afford” anything to notice the spelling faux pas.

Update II:

We can forgive the spelling mistake because Coakley’s people were obviously pre-occupied with producing an ad that makes it look like Rush Limbaugh is sieg-heiling Scott Brown:


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