Obama Asks George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to Lead Haiti Relief Effort; Libs Thrilled With Bipartisan Gesture

MSNBC reported this morning that Barack Obama called George W. Bush last night to ask him to co-lead relief efforts in Haiti along with Bill Clinton — and I’m just kidding about the “libs thrilled with the bipartisan gesture” part it the title.

Here are some of the comment headlines at Democratic Underground — and these are the same people who will knock you over the head for making politics out of a tragedy:


You can feel the love, can’t you?

It’s been made “fair game” to drag politics into this tragedy now, but I refuse to participate. Nope, I’m not going to say that Bill Clinton is only going to Haiti because he wants to find somebody to bring him coffee. Not gonna say it.

On a more serious note, below is a brief CBS video of the earthquake in Haiti from a traffic camera. It gives you an idea of the magnitude of the quake and how fast buildings can crumble.

Say a prayer for the people there — it’s being reported now that over 100,000 people are dead and millions homeless, and I wish Dubya and Bubba all the best in leading the relief effort:

Update: Keith Olbermann uses the Haiti earthquake to push Obamacare. Nice.

Author: Doug Powers

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