Obama Tries to Stimulate Coakley Campaign — If it Works as Well as His Other Stimulus Plan, Coakley’s Screwed

The Senate race in Massachusetts is now a toss-up, so the Dems are going into panic mode to save the one vote that will put Obamacare over the top in Harry Reid’s minstral show.

So Obama has cut a video encouraging Mass. voters to choose Coakley. Given Obama’s shakey endorsement history, I’m still trying to figure out which party this is good news for.

Obama campaigned in person for Deeds in Virginia and Corzine in New Jersey in November, and both lost. Maybe that’s why he’s not going in person this time:

In addition, Coakley’s fall in the polls now means that Bill Clinton has two disasters to handle (well, three if you count his marriage).

Bill will leave his Haiti disaster relief duties briefly to go to Massachusetts and campaign for Coakley — and probably call that cute Red Sox ball girl he met last summer.

(h/t Politico)

Author: Doug Powers

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