Danny Glover Blames Haitian Earthquake on Global Warming or Something Like That

Somebody get another bed ready in the Pat Robertson wing of Our Lady of Swatting At Imaginary Flies mental hospital.

Here’s Hollywood moonbat extraordinaire and Fidel Castro’s eHarmony.com match on a radio show (presumably KOOK, “All moonbats all the time”), and it sounds to me like he’s blaming the earthquake in Haiti on America’s failure to do much about global warming at the Copenhagen Climate Summit… or… something like that.

I almost made a Twitter crack yesterday wondering who would be the first marshmallow fluff-brained celebutard to blame the quake on global warming, but I held off because it seemed… well, not the time to do it. But Glover beat me to it and answered the question before the time was right to ask it. Thanks Danny:

(h/t Freedom’s Lighthouse)

Author: Doug Powers

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