‘It Gets Through Coakley!’ Is Martha About to Become the Democrats Version of Bill Buckner?

Martha Coakley — now in a previously unimaginable dead-heat with Republican Scott Brown — has done and said some dumb things (mis-spelling her own state in an ad, insulting Catholics, “no more terrorists in Afghanistan,” etc.), but none dumber than dissing Fenway Park and those who go there. What was she thinking? This is like running for president of Notre Dame and getting caught whizzing on Touchdown Jesus.

The Dems are pushing Coakley as the logical candidate to fill what they call “Ted Kennedy’s seat.” Kennedy was a big Red Sox fan, so naturally the thing to do when you’re trying to convince voters that you’ll carry on Ted’s legacy to the letter is to insult Fenway Park and Red Sox fans.

Just to demonstrate to Coakley what she might be doing using a sports analogy Massachusetts voters can easily understand, consider this: 1986 World Series, game six, Boston leading the NY Mets by a run in the ninth and is expected to win. Mets with two men on, Mookie Wilson at the plate and hits a slow roller to Red Sox first baseman **Bill Buckner… the rest is history.

If Coakley can’t pull it off next Tuesday, there are metaphors-a-plenty here — I can almost hear Vin Scully now: “It gets through Coakley and the Republicans win!”:


A video is here if Red Sox fans want to re-live their nightmare or if Democrats want a possible preview of next Tuesday night.

**Apologies to Mr. Buckner, a fine player for his entire career save for one play, for this cruel comparison

Author: Doug Powers

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