Obama Will Campaign For Coakley Sunday and Save Her Like He Did Corzine, Deeds and the Chicago Olympics

Well, Scott Brown pretty much dared him — and Obama took the bait:

President Obama is going to Massachusetts to campaign for Democratic candidate Martha Coakley on Sunday, knowledgeable Democratic sources told the Daily Caller Friday.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs confirmed the news at the daily briefing

Rest easy, Martha, the president whose personal lobbying efforts brought glorious victory to Corzine in Jersey, Deeds in Virginia, and the Olympic Games to Chicago is coming to save your campaign! Oh wait, those things were all huge fails — but I’m sure it’ll be different this time.


Update: Barney Frank just said that if Coakley loses, health care overhaul is dead. That’s a pretty stupid thing to try and scare people with, considering about 60% of voters want it to be.

Update II: What are the odds that Air Force One buzzes Fenway Park for a little photo-op so Coakley can use it in a last-minute ad appeal to Sox fans she offended?

Update III: Bill Clinton takes time to stump for Coakley because if she wins it’ll be better for Haiti. Riiiiiight.

Author: Doug Powers

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