Planned Parenthood Seeks Donations So They Can Send Condoms to Sick and Dying Haitians

Well, this should come as good news to people in Haiti who are homeless, hungry, thirsty, sick and severely injured.

Planned Parenthood to the rescue:

“The international Planned Parenthood arm is accepting donations for PROFAMIL, a locally based Haitian organization,” the abortion business says. “Fully 100% of donations will go directly to PROFAMIL’s operations.”

At the International Planned Parenthood secure giving web page, the abortion giant says PROFAMIL has been operating in Haiti since 1984 to provide “sexual and reproductive healthcare.”

The group “educates the public about prevention and ensures widespread access to condoms” to “young people aged 10-25” with “regular condom demonstrations.”

Can they at least attach each condom or morning after pill to a bottle of water?

But then again, maybe there’s a method behind the madness. After all, Bill Clinton will be landing there tomorrow.

Author: Doug Powers

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