Coakley Continues Swift-Boating Herself

In the spirit of post-partisanship in the golden age of Hopenchange, I’d like to offer some helpful advice to Martha Coakley as she continues to drop in the polls: Shut the f*#k up already! Stop talking!

Let’s see, she’s dissed Fenway and Red Sox fans, mis-spelled her own state in an ad (not to mention used an image of the World Trade Center in an anti-Brown ad), insulted Catholics, said there are “no more terrorists in Afghanistan,” and she just added another gaffe to the growing list.

Coakley’s latest in a long line of strikeouts was on a radio show yesterday, when she claimed — twice — that Curt Schilling is a Yankee fan:

Schilling responds.

If Scott Brown should pull off a miraculous Republican win on Tuesday, he’ll be able to thank Coakley for continually swift-boating herself.

In other Mass. election news, ABC News’ Jonathan Karl posted at 5 p.m. yesterday a brief article comparing a possible Dem loss on Tuesday to the ball that slipped through Bill Buckner’s legs in the 1986 World Series.

That’s a pretty good one — I wish I’d have thought of it. Oh wait, I did, about eight hours before Karl’s post. It’s probably just a coincidence, even though I notice things like that quite a bit (not with Karl specifically, but with the MSM in general) but rarely mention it here.

Author: Doug Powers

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