Robobama: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Automated Phone Calls; Update: Obama Disrupted at Rally

As the Martha Coakley campaign’s own internal numbers show her down to Scott Brown by two points with just two days to go until the election, the president has decided that the best way to put Coakley over the top is to annoy voters into going to the polls and voting Democrat.

If you’re in Massachusetts, there’s a good chance that in the next 48 hours your phone will ring and you’ll hear a minute-long automated message (or as long as it takes you to hang up) from Robobama:

“A lot of people don’t even realize there is an election on Tuesday to fill the unexpired term of Ted Kennedy,” Obama says in a robocall that state voters began receiving Friday. “They don’t realize why it’s so important.”

Oh, I don’t know — these people near Kennedy-family home turf sure seem to know there’s an election. Democrats, as usual, are relying on a last minute appeal to the ignorant, inattentive and indifferent to put them over the top. The left’s problem when they make robocalls to this particular voting bloc is that usually they’re too lazy and/or transfixed by MTV’s The Real World to get up and answer the phone.

Democrats’ major mistake is that all along they have wildly overestimated the positive selling impact of the “Ted Kennedy’s seat” thing. Did it ever occur to them that maybe folks are ready to try something else and they don’t want to continue the wildly expensive and debt-ridden Kennedy legacy?

For a couple of years now, Obama has been preaching “change,” and maybe Massachusetts is about to take him up on it. I love irony.


I’m not into the “heckle” thing while somebody else is speaking, even if I don’t agree with them — it’s an anti-rudeness thing that was knocked into me as a kid — but an anti-abortion protester (or at least alleged anti-abortion protester) disrupted Obama’s speech today at a Coakley rally.

This is too bad, really, because it gave the crowd a reason to cheer about something:

Update II:

Many people in line for the Coakley rally were only there to see Obama, and a few don’t exactly look like they’ll be going to vote on Tuesday.

Author: Doug Powers

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