Fittingly Enough, the Debate Over Who Will Replace Ted Kennedy Now Focuses on Driving

Scott Brown recently ran a campaign ad that featured his truck (a GM truck, mind you).

The Democrats thought it was ridiculous, and John Kerry has a message for Brown and voters:

“I’ve got news for you, Scott: George Bush drove a truck, too, and look where it got us,” Sen. Kerry said, continuing to poke at the campaign ad. “I didn’t know it was a qualification for being in the Senate.”

I actually agree with Kerry on that last part. Considering the politician who this special election is set to replace, what you drive, and more importantly, how you drive it, has no bearing whatsoever on whether or not you’re elected and re-elected in Massachusetts.

But since this election is sure to be a close one, just to be safe, maybe Brown should get liquored up, pick up some perky side action, put her in the passenger seat, and drive his freakin’ truck into the drink.

(h/t Pundit & Pundette)

Author: Doug Powers

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